Potsa Lotsa


We are delighted to welcome Silke Eberhard back to Belfast with her Potsa Lotsa quartet, playing the works of Eric Dolphy.

Silke is a saxophonist, clarinetist and composer based in Berlin. Since the mid-nineties, she has dedicated herself to the freer variations of jazz and improvised music. Eberhard composes for small and large ensembles, contemporary music and jazz. In her wide-ranging work as a performer, she also focuses on improvised encounters in dance, theatre and visual arts.

Her interest in the music of Eric Dolphy led to the project Potsa Lotsa, initially a wind quartet, interpreting the complete works of Dolphy. The project expanded to the septet Potsa Lotsa Plus (playing Dolphy’s ‘Love Suite’) and ultimately to the tentet Potsa Lotsa XL, which so far performs solely Eberhard’s compositions.

For Brilliant Corners, Silke will be joined by her group that recorded ‘The Complete Works of Eric Dolphy’ in 2010 – Patrick Braun (Tenor Saxophone), Nikolaus Neuser (Trumpet), Gerhard Gschlößl (Trombone). Dolphy’s works are newly arranged, freshly interpreted, expanded by means of improvisation, and fully rejuvenated.   

“A reason why the group’s interpretation was so magical was that none of the members seemed intent on playing Dolphy but rather playing his music.” – Downbeat Magazine

“Potsa Lotsa’s performance is charming by its mastery, entertaining due to its virtuosity and intellectually challenging.” – Jazz Press