Black Top

SUN 6 MAR – BLACK BOX – 2.30PM – £12/£8 (CONC) BOOK HERE

Initiated in the latter part of 2011 by Jazz Warrior & multi-instrumentalist Orphy Robinson and pianist & sound sculptor Pat Thomas, Black Top is a shape-shifting unit dedicated to exploring the intersection between live instruments and lo-fi technology.

Their dynamic approach combines twisted Afro-diasporic loops, samples and dub-effects with a daring spontaneity, all rooted in the spirit of pure improvisation and free jazz.

Orphy and Pat describe this unique sound as “Archaic Nubian Step Dub” with their sets drawing heavily on their Afro-Caribbean roots. The histories of Ridley Road Market, the London Improvisers Orchestra and Islamic West Africa are sounded out side-by-side on iPad, piano and vibraphone.

Over the years, this meeting of musical minds has been truly dedicated to developing working relationships with musicians from across the cultural and generational spectrum. Collaborations with artists that match Black Top’s own technical dexterity whilst also handling the element of surprise.

Black Top have united with Evan Parker, Satoko Fukuda, Louis Moholo, Elaine Mitchener, William Parker, Hamid Drake and an almost endless cast of greats. The result is always a journey that conjures evocative and dramatic soundscapes, which mirrors Black Top’s expansive global worldview.

For their performance at Brilliant Corners 2022, Black Top will be joined by award winning vocalist – the inimitable Cleveland Watkiss.