Hello and welcome to the ninth edition of Brilliant Corners.

It’s been a weird one for obvious reasons, and to be honest we struggled to get excited about an online festival…but then the videos started coming in…

Filmed in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Dublin, Maghera and Belfast, we are absolutely blown away by the creativity and effort that has gone into each recording. Thank you everybody involved!

Featuring Lakecia Benjamin’s ‘Music of the Coltranes’, Witch n Monk, Jaimie Branch, Alexander Hawkins Solo, Leïla Martial’s ‘Baa Box’, Benjamin Herman Trio with Oscar Jan Hoogland, ReDiviDeR, Yurodny, Jack Joseph James, Scott Flanigan, Meilana Gillard, Dave Redmond, and music intros by Alpha Chrome Yayo.

£10 gets you access to all 10 concerts exclusively on Vimeo, to watch whenever you like. Hope you enjoy! Book Here